Reunion Night

And thanks to Wuolett's Bakery - there was cake!

Some of our veterans: Tom Dykoff, Terry Holzheu, John Stordahl, Steve Speakes, Joallyn Bohn, Steve Lang - in the middle: Mike Weinand, Skip Pohtilla, and in the front: John Finazzo and Kerry Anderson

Darlene Carlson Hunz and Linda Braun


Elaine Hutchings Mingo

Tom and Mary McNamara and Ray (Bud) Makepeace

Janet Truax and Nan Roberts

Andy Mitchell, John Anderson, Chris Streeter Brauner, Steve Speakes

Darlene Carlson Hunz and Arlene Roehl

Andy Mitchell, Joallyn Bohn, John Anderson, Chris Streeter Brauner

Deb Sampson Frost, Chris Graven Brauner, Gail Heideman Rains

Gary (Bucky) Monson and Lesa Libatique

Nancy Fraser Gildner and Pat Murphy Hanson

Francis and Nancy Fraser Gildner and Shelley Dickinson Harter

Shelley Dickinson Harter and Terri Leiviska

Kevin Dynan and Gary Wichterman - Kerry Anderson

Steve Eckes, John Finazzo, Kerry Anderson

Bob Bakken, Pamela Capriotti Martin, Bruce Held

Joanne Johnson Moses and Carol Giroir Hansen

Chris Mathieu, Kristen Jensen Bender and Eddie Bender

Becky Leuer, Kris Fisher Havir, Mary Getten

Mary Getten and husband Bob Emerson

Jennifer Bachman Doely and Bev Olsen Leckie

Tom and Sharon Lyons

Chris Mathieu, Andy Mitchell, Kris Fisher Havir

Gary(Bucky) Monson, John Anderson, Scott Bammann

Tom and Debbie Larson and John Stordahl

Linda Braun, Susan Koch Anderson, Darlene Carlson Hunz

Vickie Anderson Orcutt and Mike Weinand

Patty Hansen Ours and Howard Ours

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